The luxury mall in MATELAND — the metaverse of pleasure.

A big brand’s embassy for luxury goods.

From hypercars, designer clothes, watches & jewelry over yachts, helicopter, private Jets to private space travels you find here everything for your pleasure.
Also a Casino and many extraordinary Restaurants for meetings are located in the EMPORIUM.


Get your shop plot next to a fancy designer brand, set up your own retail shop or rent it to a big company.

Shop Plots can be used:

You find many high value brands in the EMPORIUM — there are a lot of attractions, like cinemas, casinos, basejump facilities, and other fun activities as well.

The EMPORIUM is a center of luxury and entertainment in the MATELAND Metaverse.

The special thing about this drop is again an easteregg — the one who finds it gets a very special plot in The EMPORIUM.

So take your chance to claim a plot of LAND in the exclusive Metaverse of pleasure.

Sea, Sex & Sun. Quality instead of Quantity.

The island of MATELAND



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