Philosophy of The Playmate Society

Playmate Society
3 min readSep 15, 2021

What do you get out of it? What does it stand for? And what is the “Noble Passion Club”?

These questions will be answered for you in a moment.

The Playmate Society was founded by one of the most sensual women on this planet. A Playmate who has set herself the goal of making the fire of passion, the thrilling feeling of sensuality and the burning of interpersonal play a constant companion for all members.

With us Gentleman will find their playmate or playmates, whether as a unique collectible, in the club room at events or the daily “random” meetings in the cyber club.

Everyone can decide for themselves how many Playmates he or she wants to call their own. Collect unique, sensuality and passion filled images of the hottest and most charming ladies of this time.

Whether it’s a gentleman lady or a babydoll, you’ll find what you and your soul are looking for with us. Connection and lust on many levels.

Playmate Society 1. collection

True bon vivants and gentlemen have the opportunity to take on certain roles according to your afford. From Sir to Lord, this is then rewarded with titles and honorary memberships in the “Club of Passions”.

In order to provide the whole thing with a real world benefit, the members of our Passion Club have the possibility of real meetings with their playmates. The whole as VIP on our events. Of course you already know each other from the club — but real world meetings round off the club experience. Be a true gentleman and meet the most erotic women in the world. With the Noble Passion Club this is now possible.

What makes the value of our Collectibles?

1. There will be only collectibles from and with really attractive, elegant and lustful ladies.

2. All these collectibles of ladies are only available in Playmate Society.

3. All the ladies are full of sex appeal. As the owner of the collectibles, you will soon feel it yourself.

4. You have a chance to get items from the scenes of our Collectibles as NFT and Real World items. This for a lifetime and free of charge as a club member. Be surprised if it’s a top, a stocking or something even more unique.

5. We are building a community of people who live elegance, sex appeal and natural eroticism. Wouldn’t you like to feel that in your life every day?

6. From 2022 we want to give the even the possibility to earn money with your passion. Playmate Society CNFTs will be able to stake as a club member. So your passionate playmate can even win money for you.

7. A metaverse is planned with several partners, including Sandbox, Enjin and Decentraland. There will be multiple benefits for all our club members. Whether free airdrops of tokens or NFTs to events and rentals of club owned venues in the various metaverses. As a club member you will benefit from all the activities of the club.

8. Last but not least, become a co-owner of the Mansion of Playmate Society. With the Lord status you get shares in the Mansion. These shares give you a right of co-determination and shares in all drops of Playmate Society — for a lifetime.

And every day new cooperations and benefits are added for all Playmate Society members. Join our Discord server and never miss an update, AirDrop or giveaway. Don’t miss this chance to be real exclusive.

We are at the beginning of a time full of passion, joy, eroticism and many new interesting connections, acquaintances, earning opportunities and sensual adventures. Take your chance now to secure your part of it. Embark on an unforgettable adventure with Playmate Society for years to come. Share your passions with us — as we do with you.

We are looking forward to you. 💋