MATELAND — your Metaverse of pleasure.

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4 min readJun 23, 2022

“Sea, sex and sun.”

MATELAND is the first real existing metaverse with the possibility to earn through play to earn. There are other dreams that you can make come true: Acquire luxury items with cryptocurrencies, meet super sexy and interesting ladies and gentlemen, make business, play interesting games together or against the AI or just spend time to relax on a super realistic beach.

MATELAND is known for enjoying the finer things in life.

Currently you have the opportunity to be one of the first to buy land on the island of MATELAND.

MATELAND has a powerful community and its own token DIX, which can be staked from Q2 2022.

MATELAND’s unique selling points are not only that assets can be traded very cheaply on the Cardano Blockchain.

You will be able to realize your dreams: Make money, purchase luxury items with cryptocurrencies, meet super sexy and interesting ladies and gentlemen, make deals, play interesting games together or against the AI, or just be able to relax on a super realistic beach.

Mainly, MATELAND is about enjoying the finer things in life.

Sexy women meet elegant gentlemen here and can enjoy the pleasures of life with them.
In doing so, you can use the exclusive, unique and super sexy avatars, which were developed exclusively for MATELAND. To everything that is conceivable and tangible today and in the future with the help of VR and other Haitian accessories.

Pursue the wildest imaginations with your own yacht in a fairytale bay or attend celebrity parties in elegant evening dress. It will be possible to meet your friends for chess or skydiving in MATELAND’s VR Metaverse.

No matter where you are in the physical world, if you need some downtime, MATELAND will offer you exactly the options you are looking for.

Furthermore, there will be an app through which you can date and get to know MATELAND residents. Later, you can go shopping together for the latest clothes, handbags or watches in the virtual luxury department store EMPORIUM. For the most part, these goods and items will be super easy to pay for with cryptocurrencies.

As a first metaverse, MATELAND operates embassies in other digital universes, which will give Matelanders the opportunity to enjoy their avatars and other possessions with all their senses there as well.

There will be many options and possibilities open to the members of the MATELAND community in these other digital worlds, which they would otherwise have to buy themselves.

It still sounds like fiction today, but be there and experience for yourself what will be possible in the coming years.

What does MATELAND still offer its community in 2022?

⁃ The first Play2Earn Games will be launched. Starting with a chess game to a slot machine and BlackJack to the world-famous GO Game — you will be able to play many games against your friends or with new acquaintances. You can play for real stakes or in the computer opponent mode by cracking the monthly or all-time high score to earn a good extra income.

⁃ DIX — Staking starts in quarter 2 2022 with 4 periods and very interesting APY’s with rewards over 100% per annum.

⁃ MATELAND Gallery will give emerging and already known artists the opportunity to present their artwork to a select community for preview and pre-release purchase. MATELANDers will be able to see and admire exclusive artwork prior to its release.

MATELAND will offer the following opportunities to its community:

⁃ generate passive income
⁃ meet friends and make new friends
⁃ meet exclusive artists worldwide, exchange directly and purchase exclusive works before publication
⁃ meet extraordinary women and men worldwide
⁃ make contacts
⁃ be able to use other metaverses through our embassies.
⁃ purchase physical luxury items easily and quickly with cryptocurrencies
⁃ present your items to a worldwide community
⁃ acquire and showcase exclusive digital collectibles
⁃ leave everyday life behind in a relaxed environment
— meet MATELANDers at exclusive events on the physically real part of MATELAND
⁃ And much more — be curious and relaxed — it’s worth it

Take your chance and secure your part in the Metaverse of Pleasure!