MATELAND in 2023

Playmate Society
2 min readDec 27, 2022


We are in the frosty crypto winter. And we don’t know how much longer we’ll be slithering across frozen token lakes and slippery NFT roads.

But as you know, people use winter to build for summer.

Many NFT projects have not survived the cold. And have turned into uninhabited ghost towns.

But on MATELAND we are already busy building. And we have 3 good news for you:

1st good news. Starting January 2023, all of our landlords will participate in MATELAND Royalities. Every owner of beach, land and infrastructure plots (infrastructure plots coming in 2023) will receive income through the royalties on the secondary market. A total of 50% is distributed to all landlords. According to the number of plots, Landlords will receive titles which will then entitle them to lifetime revenues.

All landlords of MATELAND have shown commitment and perseverance and are now duly rewarded for it. MATELAND will continue to grow and its community will become even stronger and larger.

New Landlord Title

2nd Good News. All Lords, Knights, and Sirs will share in all primary revenue from CNFT and token sales, as well as Gentlemans Club revenue, starting January 2023.

3rd Good News. How to generate revenue in the bear market?
MATELAND is the metaverse for connoisseurs and lovers of beautiful things. In the new Gentlemans Club, all MATELANDERS can do just that starting in Q2 2023. For this, 10% of the revenue will be distributed to all Lords, Knights and Sirs of MATELAND.

MATELANDERS, spring is near! Starting in 2023, all MATELANDERS will generate income in MATELAND regardless of the bull or bear market. Your loyalty will be rewarded and with your effort MATELAND will become a real country with financially unlimited possibilities.