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2 min readMar 10, 2022


The MATELAND CARD ONE aims to strengthen the MATELAND and Cardano community, bring income to its owners and at the same time do something good in difficult times.

20% of the proceeds will go to 2 projects close to our hearts: To needy children and to wildlife in a sanctuary.
We want to support peace, humanity and the future of our children.

Pieces: 1000


50 DIX per month for 5 years (3,000 DIX)

12 pieces = SIR title (500 DIX back)

20% goes to charities for homeless children and a wildlife santuary

Price: 100 ADA or pay with DIX and get additional 5% off

The Cardano Project itself is known for offering and delivering solutions to payment problems even in the most remote areas of the world. We take up this spirit with the MCOne and support children who urgently need help and solutions.

The community behind Cardano is known for setting a good example and doing good — we want to live up to this reputation once again. We help those who find it difficult to help themselves. And those are children and animals.

That’s why 20% of every MCOne sold goes to charities for children in need and to a wildlife sanctuary.
Let’s help the smallest of us together and promote our common future.

At the same time, every purchaser of an MCOne benefits by building up a passive income for the next 5 years.

Buy a card — do something good with it and profit from it for another 5 years. That’s all there is to it.

The DIX token is already being traded on various platforms and can already be used to purchase discounted items, collectibles, avatars and much more in the PlaymateSociety boutique and soon in the EmporiumShop in MATELAND.

Staking will boost passive returns in 2022 and will likely make any owner of DIX with triple-digit APYs very happy.

Those who would like even more benefits in addition should consider becoming a SIR in the Noble Passion Club. The purchase of 12 MCOne makes this possible in the easiest way this time. Beside an immediate credit in DIX and steady further discounts, exclusive CNFT Drops and special further on and offline advantages attract.

The MATELAND ONE CARD is a must if you understand the benefits behind it.

If you already want to buy with DIX, you can do so with 5% discount.
Take your chance now to make your DIX even more valuable!

MATELAND and Cardano Community: let’s grow together, do good and earn DIX!

If you want to do it smart:

Buy 12 MCOne = 1.200 ADA
Get 500 DIX back for SIR title
+ get 600 DIX per month income for 5 years (36.000 DIX)

More Information are to find on