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3 min readOct 20, 2021

Mateland is the metaverse that aims to be not only a platform for play-to-earn, but to offer infinite possibilities to its users and to provide almost infinite earning opportunities. Forbes has already recognized that it is highly probable that in the near future more than ten times the current gross national product will be converted into metaverse


Mateland is primarily co-conceived as an interoperable metaverse that can interact with Decentraland, Sandbox, EJIN’s Multiverse, and many other digital universes that are currently evolving rapidly.

In Mateland you will be able to buy land plots and on these plots you will be able to realize your dreams, rent them out, run businesses, build skyscrapers or even a port or spaceport, and do an infinite number of other things. Just as much and even more than in the “physical world”.

Mateland will be divided into different land plots, which can be purchased in the prelaunch phase.

The owner can then freely decide what he or she wants to do with the plot.

Gradually, more and more functions are introduced, what the owner can do with the land plot. From building, renting to complete remodeling, everything will be possible. You can run your own stores or rent them out to interested parties.

You can operate savings facilities or set up your own law office. Nothing stands in the way of your imagination.

Even if you want to build, run, attack or lead the Colosseum or the whole Roman Empire into another future. In Mateland and the interacting universes it becomes possible.

The metaverse of Mateland is planned as one of the first digital universes to have interfaces to the large already existing metaverses like Decentraland, Sandbox and Somnium Space.

This will allow them to gradually communicate with each other and grow together.

In Phase 2, uniquely realistic avatars will be added to the metaverse, allowing you to move freely and perform pretty much any activity imaginable in the metaverse.

In Phase 3, plots and avatars in a DEFI system stakeable will yield additional profits.

The multiverse of the metaverse is getting bigger every day, Mateland wants to build a bridge to connect many of these metaverse. Be part of this vision and secure your part of the multiverse.