EMPORIUM upper level dropping.

Playmate Society
2 min readFeb 21, 2022

There is something great new in MATELAND!

In the Emporium is now also the possibility to purchase areas of the amusement level.

And what is new now in contrast to the other shops in the Emporium?

EMPORIUM upper level

In the upper level you will find casinos, cinemas, nightclubs, the MATELAND Gallery and other amazing entertainment facilities.

The MATELAND team is currently negotiating many collaborations with various projects in the entertainment sector. These projects are renting space in the UPPER LEVEL of the Emporium and we have decided to share this success with the Mateland community.

The special thing about the very rare 100 Upper Level plots is that you will receive extra rental income in addition to the possibilities of a normal plot such as renting, self-use and appreciation.


For an Emporium upper level you will receive 100 DIX tokens every month for 5 years.

Sounds like an investment? It is!!!

Invest 100 ADA extra for receiving 300 ADA in DIX Token over the time.
This is real passive income. You have nothing more to do than hodl the plot:
And think about what happens when the DIX tokens rise in value. Then your profits will skyrocket.

The DIX Token brings you a lot of benefit.

Total supply: 33.000.000

- Staking APY up to 125%
- LPs
- Governance
- 5% discount on all primary sales
- Special NFT sales only in DIX
- Play2Earn token
- Payment in exclusive boutique
- Payment accepted in EMPORIUM shops

DIX Tokenomics

The PlaymateSociety wants to reward its community for its loyalty and is releasing these rare 100 plots in mid-February. Don’t miss your chance to make an instant profit, whether you use the plot yourself, rent it out later and generate even more income, or just wait for your monthly rental payments.

Be clever — be Smart and get a Luxury Landlord with instant income in one of the best places in the Metaverse of Pleasure.

The mall is located on the tropical island of Mateland, the home of PlaymateSociety.