A little story about the Lucky Stars from the Playmate Society.

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5 min readSep 29, 2021

Once upon a time…

people believed in gods, dragons, magic, supernatural powers, and that there were forces beyond what could be perceived with the physical senses.

Strangely enough, this belief was spread all over the world. Everywhere you heard stories of dragons, spirits granting wishes, and other “encounters” that today are dismissed as nothing more than flowering fantasy. But why do they exist everywhere? How did these stories spread without the Internet and smartphones?

One of the most exciting stories is the legend of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. The quest for the Holy Grail and its story of the deeply human needs and events. Everyone has probably heard of Excalibur and its power. But how did people come up with such stories? Especially in a time when people were supposed to be constantly fighting for their survival.

It was a time when kings financed monasteries and churches. Have you ever thought about why they did that? Also, the farmers of that time brought food and goods they produced to these monasteries and other “holy houses”.

Why did they do all this?

Were the people stupid, naive or did they know something that is perhaps lost to us today?

Probably, these people, who were not distracted by the Internet and influenced by media in their ways of thinking, knew something that we overlook.

These people spent part of the day observing nature and its interrelationships.

How likely is it that they thereby recognized something that the distracted man of today simply overlooks?

The kings financed the monasteries mostly for the reason that they prayed for the welfare of the king, the kingdom and the people in this kingdom. They were not to be distracted from the daily struggle for survival. So, the kings provided this environment and got the mental attention of the monks in return. The monastics prayed for success in war and peace. And since this was observed all over the world, it seems plausible that there was more than just a misconception behind it. Peasants followed suit, and even today they still provide monasteries around the world with food, tribute, and support in worldly affairs.

We would like…

to bring back some of this magic to our community. Therefore, we let these stars absorb strong lucky energy. Jupiter, the planet (and formerly god) of luck itself, introduced himself as the sponsor for this project. The Lucky Stars were created on a small tropical island under the eyes of Jupiter. There, the mysticism of the monks and nature-loving people still lives today, here the spirit of freedom and happiness lives and breathes even in times of uncertainty and fear.

We have created a series of 226 Lucky Stars with the artist Christiane Henschel, who is a trained healer. These stars serve as a connection to the abilities that can help the owner in the physical but also later in the metaverse life.

The color and image combinations have been created according to the latest scientific knowledge to activate certain abilities in the physical body of the person. How exactly we will explain more and more in the course of our journey together. And you will feel their effect.

Furthermore, the stars were made in the above-mentioned place, which carries these energies, and thus establishes a fine connection to all these energies, if you have only one star in your possession and think about it from time to time.

They work even more effectively if the owner makes himself aware every day how his own life should look like.

But there will be a step-by-step guide to this later. This will be sent to the owners of the stars on request.

But enough about that — let’s get technical.

What will the Lucky Stars bring to the Playmate Society and its partners in the upcoming Metaverse?

You’ll be moving around this metaverse with avatars. These avatars have abilities and skills. Among others “Power”, “Health”, “Wealth” etc. The owners of the Lucky Stars get upgrades of their skills and abilities according to the stars they own.

For example, the amount of life energy can be expanded (health), the sum of earnings from staking or land deals (wealth) or the persuasiveness in all kinds of negotiations with the opposite sex or in business. So, there are endless possibilities.

Last but not least, everyone who has 4 of 5 different traits in the Lucky Stars or the “Mythic” Star gets the SIR title in the “Noble Passion Club”, which in turn brings a lot of benefits and free airdrops. (see here)


to everyone who has enriched their life with at least one Lucky Star. This unique investment will bring you many, many advantages — in physical and digital life.

Be curious about what is still to come. We look forward to an enjoyable and happy time with you.

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